Forever Living Global Rally 2017 : An Experience

Forever Living Global Rally

April 2-10, 2017 marked a week of festivities, celebration and business training that only happens once a year for Forever Business Owners around the world. There’s nothing like the experience that FBOs get each April and yet, there are no two Global Rallies that are the same. We’ve been to Hawaii, London, Singapore, Johannesburg and this year, we traveled to the desert to meet in Dubai!

Thousands of FBOs embarked on a journey to settle in with our hospitable hosts in the Middle East where they had the chance to stay in the epicenter of Dubai. The skyline sparkled with modern architecture no matter which way you looked. Some had stunning views of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, others enjoyed a view of the iconic Burj Al Arab.

To qualify for this week of activities and receive full amenities and travel expenses, FBOs must have achieved at least 1,500 case credits in a calendar year, or have qualified for the Chairman’s Bonus Incentive. Thousands qualified to attend, but even more ventured out to experience the luxuries of Dubai and attend the Global Rally Show on April 7th and 8th.  Why? It truly is an experience like no other.

Kicking The Week Off In Luxury

The fun begins each year by inviting our top leaders in the Forever business, the 5K qualifiers and Global Leadership Team, for a day of training, networking and fun. 5K qualifiers get the opportunity experience specialized training from Forever’s leaders and meet and mingle with other high achieving FBOs and share their tips for success. But that wasn’t all this amazing day had in store for our leaders!

They piled into four-by-four cars and road the desert dunes to arrive at their 5K Dinner destination. It was a magical night that included Forever-themed henna tattoos, hookah lounging, belly dancing and camel rides! Each year, 5K qualifiers are treated to a luxury experience unique to our Global Rally destination, where there is something truly magical in store for them.

Another benefit to qualifying as a 5K? All first timers also get the opportunity to attend Eagle Manager’s Retreat the following year! So, this years first-time qualifiers will be setting off to Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 for some amazing business training, networking and celebration!

A Little Bit of Business, A Little Bit of Pleasure

The pace then moved quickly into one of the many exciting parts of the week – Product Launch. Two new Forever products were unveiled for 2.5K qualifiers and above. Qualifying for this level comes with a huge opportunity to get first-hand training on the exciting new products. This year, they were up close and personal with Forever Move™ and infinite by Forever™. They also had the chance to get an in-depth look at how the new Forever F.I.T. app will help catapult their success with Clean 9, F15 and Vital 5.

Activity day is always a way for FBOs to flex their muscles and enjoy the exotic destination with friends and family! This year, FBOs journeyed to the Atlantis Aquaventure water park for a the Forever Move™ themed day! They hit the water slides decked out with Forever Move™ sunglasses and had some fun in the sun – hopefully wearing their Forever Aloe Sunscreen.

Forever Living Global Rally  was back to work with training for qualifiers on Thursday to prepare for a significant stepping stone in a Forever business – the Eagle Manager Incentive. For the qualifiers at Global Rally, Fly Like an Eagle Training is a time to get an understanding of the mindset and practical business tips for achieving this monumental incentive. This year, a special guest joined Forever to see what the business is all about. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, took time out to watch the training and speak with Forever Executives.

Hundreds of Chairman’s Bonus Qualifiers received their checks that evening with the beautiful, world-famous Burj Al Arab as their backdrop. Even Gregg Maughan and the Forever Executive team were surprised as the Burj Al Arab lit up with the Forever logo and a powerful fireworks display helped us countdown to the big check reveal moment. 795 FBOs revealed their checks totaling nearly $8 million dollars at the Chairman’s Bonus Party alone!

The Big Show

The week always culminates to the biggest days of Forever Living Global Rally – the show days. This year, about 12,000 FBOs gathered to watch their teams accept their Chairman’s Bonus checks, experience exciting entertainment, hear from inspiring Forever leaders and discover all of the latest news from Forever including where Eagle Manager’s Retreat and Global Rally will be celebrated next year.

From haggling at the souks in old Dubai to rubbing the magic lamp to see what Genie would bring them, FBOs worked hard for the checks on stage! More than $26 million was handed out to those who earned Chairman’s Bonus checks, with a whopping $1.1 million check going to Rolf Kipp, the number one FBO in the world.

Entertainment at  Forever Living Global Rally is world class every year and it certainly did not disappoint in Dubai. There were epic dance parties with a F.I.T. workout instructor on stage leading the crowd, a dazzling circus performer and the intense, heart pounding beats of the Dhol Foundation drummers. Looking out over the crowds, there were dozens of nationalities all together in one room, singing, dancing and cheering as one.

FBOs had the opportunity to hear from Forever leaders and their passionate Forever Proud stories. We received an update on the workings of Forever Giving and the progress to reaching 1 million meals in 2017 with Rise Against Hunger. Finally, all ears were tuned into Gregg Maughan’s inspiring keynote address that paralleled the bold vision of Dubai through its creation to the bold vision future of our Forever Business.

There is so much to experience when you qualify for Forever Living  Global Rally. What are you waiting for? Next year, we are headed home to celebrate 40 years with Forever for Global Rally and Eagle Manager’s Retreat! We hope to see you there.

To watch the full Forever Living Global Rally 2017 Show Days from this year, go to Find all of the photos at Forever Fotos.



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