Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel


Forever Aloe Bright Tooth Gel helps to keep your teeth clean and sparkling white. Completely safe for very small children since it doesn’t contain Fluoride and Chalk powder.

Advantages of Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel

  • Effective in battling gum disease
  • Extremely low in abrasion
  • Mint Flavor
  • Antibacterial and anti-oxidative
  • Stops bleeding of gums
  • Outstanding cleansing ability


Forever Aloe Bright Tooth Gel

The combination of aloe Vera and bee propolis not only has superior anti-bacterial properties for fighting plaque and keeping the breath fresh, but its anti-inflammatory qualities provide many benefits for the gums and delicate inner lining of the mouth for both young and old. Your teeth will gleam with Forever Bright, one of the Best tooth gels on the market.

Forever Aloe Bright tooth gel has the optimum formula for effective cleaning. It is particularly good for bleeding gums and mouth ulcers and can be applied directly when brushing is too painful

Forever Aloe Bright Toothgel Benefits

Forever aloe Bright tooth gel with the optimum formula for its effective cleaning. In fact, its effectiveness made it the Winner of the ” 1999 Reader’s Digest¬† SUPERBRAND AWARD ” your family will love the clean mouthfeel.

Completely safe for very small children since it doesn’t contain Fluoride and Chalk powder.

Fluoride is more toxic than lead and like lead, in minute doses can accumulate and can be damaging to the brain/mind development of Children.

Soothers mouth and gum with its anti-bacterial actions and helps with mouth Ulcers and bleeding Gums.

Natural Peppermint flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Brush teeth after meals, have regular dental check-ups and avoid between-meal treats.

Economical – a small amount of tooth gel goes a long way

Safe to Swallow and Rinse

Good for Sensitive Teeth










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