5K Experience: First-Timers Cruising 2017

5K Experience: First-Timers Cruising 2017

It’s no secret that being a 5K qualifier at Global Rally each year is a special treat. From dining with the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum in London to enjoying a safari escape in Johannesburg, the rewards and recognition that are part of being a 5K are always incredible memories for a lifetime.

5K qualifiers not only get more time at the Global Rally destination, but also get special training from the Global Leadership Team and the Forever executives before heading off to their unique and exclusive dinner adventure.

Although reaching the level of 5,000 case credits is an amazing achievement in itself, Rex and the Executive Team are always looking for new ways to enhance the business opportunity for FBOs and to motivate them as they grow their businesses. Last year, they decided they wanted to bring more people closer to an incentive that is important for FBOs who are serious about their business – Eagle Manager. Starting this year, all first-time 5K qualifiers for Global Rally will also be invited to Eagle Manager’s Retreat that year!

We’re excited to announce these incredible global FBOs who will be rocking the boat with our Eagle Managers in October, 2017! Congratulations!

Margaret Nong
Nomonde Mwamba
Thobeka & Petrus Mabanga
Lungile Dlamini


Carine Simons & Hans Martens
Kristof Deferm & Iris Put

Angelo Giannullo
Sonia De Simone & Salvatore Solarino

Urszula Zyskowska

Gabriele Reichard

Yvonne Yap & Sunny Ng

Arun Kumar Surana

Nagwa Atef Abou Elkhair & Hosam Ibrahim Khathab
Want to be part of these amazing events? You can be! Picture yourself at our next Global Rally and Eagle Manager’s Retreat for Forever’s 40th anniversary in 2018. With hard work and determination, you can accomplish anything. Could this be you next year?

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